Niagara Newborn Photography | Baby Molly

Six weeks ago, our lives became a whole lot busier and a whole lot more beautiful!  For nine months, I was pretty convinced I was carrying a baby boy (though I did buy a few girly things just in case!)

When I laid my eyes on our baby for the first time, I was 99% sure I saw a boy!  I had already gone through in my mind that I had another boy and very briefly imagined life with 3 boys!  Then my hubby said something along the lines of “…a girl” and I couldn’t believe it – I was completely shocked!  I said the words “her” and “she” a few times in those early hours of her birth day and it felt so surreal!  Six weeks later, when I’m doing a pile of girly pink laundry, I still can’t help but smile from ear to ear!

A friend recently reminded me of when we had gone on a short term missions trip together when I was 15 – the Church we were working with was having a huge garage sale and I rummaged through some things and found some baby girls clothes that came home with me. At 15 I was daydreaming of a baby girl I might one day have.  So, the name ‘Molly’ is fitting for her.  Though it has a few different meanings, we will be going with the Hebrew meaning which is ‘wished for child’.  🙂