Newborn Photographer Niagara | Baby Brayden

Beautiful, bright-eyed Brayden.

This little guy was one of the first baby boys I photographed after finding out I was expecting baby #3 and though I’ve already had 2 baby boys, he made me feel REALLY excited about maybe having another…he was just so delicious!  :)

Newborn Photography Niagara | Baby Asher

I have just loved watching this family grow over the years – having done photos of each new baby boy…they sure are incredibly sweet little guys!  :)

Newborn Photographer Niagara | Baby Maggie

One of the very first families I ever did a session for…they helped me realize I very much wanted to go forward and make my dream of being a newborn photographer become a reality.

Thank you for that, Adam Family!!  :)

Newborn Photographer Niagara | Baby Rylann

This baby girl is so adorable, I know you won’t believe me when I tell you she gave me SUCH a hard time for her session, lol!  But I am more persistent than she was expecting, so eventually she gave in.  :)

Just look at that face  :)